Sunday, April 26, 2009

COca-cola History...

Now we can easily buy the Coke at any where, but most of us even don't know how the history of Coke... Who care?? Isn't it not important to know how to make delicious foods, the importance is what we have consume, eat, drink right now is good. But i sure you will don't mind waste 30 second drink a coke and by the way watch this video- Coke history... enjoy your time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


As we know Coca-cola is the most famous biggest soft drink company in the word. After this huge success in their business, they got action to pay back to the society and the world, like join the Earth Hour 2009 switch off teh electric in 1 our the as awareness to people about world changing, and Coke also have established a scholarships name Coca-cola Scholars Foundation supports over 1400 college student in the world each year to let people got opportunity to continuous their education. I appreciate coke have spirit for helping others who need help.

Coke + Mentos = ???

I think many of us have heard about what happen when we put Mentos inside the Coke, the will be a 'explosion' the coke gush out very high from the bottle like video below. Not only the Coke just have that effect, other soda drinks will also happen. That is interesting and we can try it for fun, but I serious warn everyone "AFTER YOU EAT MENTOS, PLEASE DON'T DRINK THE COKE OR OTHER SOFT DRINK, YOU STOMACH WILL BOOM".^^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

COke make u fat???

Have many say that the soft drinks will make us be fat, but it is got the true evidence? Because i have see many people drink the soft drink, but not all of them got the fat problem and i also think the reason people will become fat not only you drink Coke, it sure have other reason make you fat. Recently got the sun newspaper have published a news about "coca-cola to correct ads claiming product won't make you fat" in Australia. It try to dispel people myths about soft drink-'coca-cola make you fat'. I thinks if people have regular sport and diet to eat less calories food, the fat problem is can be solve.

COke "Earth Hour 2009"

Coke company announces global support for earth hour 2009 on march 28 8.30pm to 9.30pm as a part of its missions to raise environment awareness. The activities is a good beginning for people as awareness to the global about environment is changing, global weather is increasing year by year, we need to take action to prevent to worst coming. It is more than 83 countries and 2700 cities across 25 time zone join this program, i also hope the greenhouse effect problem on the world can be solve and prevent to let afterworld can have a healthful world to survive.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

NEw Coke in 1985!!

In 1985, the Coca-cola company have formulate a new kind of Coke called New Coke to the market, but it isn't accepted by the most coke fan because they felt strange different taste compare to the old Coke the coca-cola classic. I have no chance to try the New Coke so i don't know what actually this Coke taste, but i think people will dislike it is because they fell loyalty and be used to the Coke classic. n my opinion i think this is the most my opinion i think this is the most reason.In my opinion i think the most reason is New Coke taste is changing at all, make Coke fans fell it wasn't the Coke they like not the taste they looked for.

Coke ads

Above is the coke ads i search online, I'm seldom see the Coke ads in Malaysia television, they seem like doesn't put many effort in it, but their opponent Pepsi is focus on their promotion on television. When we image about Pepsi, the David Beckham, Henry, the famous football players, but the coca-cola doesn't have. I think they should put more effort in ads because it will increase their value and can always remain customers about their existence.